I have always taken professional risks, always thought three steps ahead when it comes to my career. Even before I got into FIT, I had a plan for my future. One step ahead: I wanted to study business and fashion. Two steps ahead: I wanted to get into a buying training program. Three steps ahead: I wanted to become a buyer for a top department store. So I called the person who hired part-time executive help for Macy’s. Because I had the courage to go for it, I got a job as a part-time sales manager, which paved the way for me to get into a top buying program and, ultimately, to becoming a buyer for Macy’s. I started out as a sales girl on the floor and worked my way up to Acting Sales Manager. I wound up taking twenty-one credits and working a thirty-five-hour week, but it was worth it because I was on my way to realizing my dream of working in fashion…

One of the biggest benefits of doing Housewives has been that it has allowed me to show my daughter that you can find business opportunities anywhere and at any age. Here I was in my fifties and all these doors were opening up for me.



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