Ramona Singer’s All-time Favorite RHONY Moment May Shock You

Hint: It involves her #RHONY ex.

Over the course of Ramona Singer’s 9 seasons on The Real Housewives of New York City, we’ve watched the Big Apple mom go through a lot of ups and downs, not only with her pals but also in her romantic life. When we met her, she was married to Mario Singer and together the couple was raising their daughter, Avery Singer. But, the couple went their separate ways in August 2014. However, Ramona shared, that despite the relationship not lasting, she still considers her Season 3 vow renewal with her ex as one of her top favorite moments in the show’s history.

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  1. Ginger April 23, 2018 at 11:28 am - Reply

    My favourite Ramona moment was the day you sat at your table and explained to Avery what your mother told you growing up. Why it was important for her to always be self-sufficient and to earn her own money. That really was a Hallelujah! moment for me. My Hungarian grandmother, and my Hungarian mother taught me this from the cradle. I wish every girl growing up was taught this before they were imprinted with meeting Prince Charming, and rushing into motherhood, over learning to be independent first. A Hungarian Scorpion is a formidable force … I should know. 😉 You have given Avery a very balanced image of what a woman can be, and I sincerely respect, and applaud you for that. Hopefully, she’s also learned how to make a killer Bécsi Szelet! … cuz a woman’s gotta eat 🙂

  2. Linda B. May 30, 2018 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    Hi Ramona. I have enjoyed watching you grow and change on RHONY. You’re pretty great and have a great outlook on life. It’s very inspiring. I was hoping to see the picture of you and Avery in formal dress but there was a problem and I couldn’t enlarge the picture. Seems like the pictures you do have on your site are a little off centered? I would love to see your website fleshed out a little to show more about who you are, how positive you are and just everything including your products..jewelry, skin care and hopefully clothing. I’m 56 years old, living in atlanta and have gone through some trials and tribulations but I’m always inspired by how positive you are..If I’m interested though I’m sure lots of other women are interested and curious. I started by trying to see more of your jewelry while a RHONY rerun was on TV and Sonja was wearing some of your jewelry and promoting it a little. I was like Wow, that’s pretty, and wanted to see more but there’s not much jewelry on the …religion website. Totally inspiring how you have blossomed since your divorce from Mario and you seemed to overcome it really well. I’m sure it was tough in the beginning and of course he eventually wanted to get back with you! It took him being around other women to appreciate what a great woman, wife and mother you are. That’s how men are. They’re really quite simple and intimidated by incredible women. I don’t think they can help it. You two may reunite one day..you’ll each have other experiences but he sees what he lost. That’s all..I just wanted to send you a positive note to let you know women are inspired by you. Take Care, Linda

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