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It’s a new season for me and I must say I love fall.  I love the way the wind running through my hair makes me feel and the chill makes me feel alive. Its a time for me to focus on so many things.
My life is no different than any other mother, business women, newly single, or married.  Always filled with choices and decisions.  Will my choices be right?  Will they fulfill my own expectations?   Will the decisions I make be good?   On my sleepless nights instead of counting sheep, I make lists upon lists!!!  By the end of my zillionth list I finally can give my brain a rest and fall asleep. Today I am feeling extremely overwhelmed and flooded with thoughts and those are sometimes the best days for me to write and express what is coming over me.  As all of us have good days and bad days.  I always try to stay positive everyday.   This is my first fall in the past 25 years that my life has become more permanent.  My divorce is truly final; the paperwork is signed.  Avery is in her last year of college and in May her life is also going to become more permanent.  There isn’t a mother out there that doesn’t worry about their children.
So I ask myself where do I start?   How do I begin?  I have worked on myself over the past year and I know that I have come a long way.
My list from last night:
1. Work out always, keep my endorphins flowing
2. Date, make good choices
3. Eat healthy, do not binge (yes I love M&M’S)
4. Ha ha!!! VOTE
5. Stay with people that care about me
6. Find time to read!
7. Help Avery work through her fears
8. Should I join a dating site?
9. Should I start a new business?
10. Take care of Coco, she is getting older
Yes, when I read back the list kind of seems well, I don’t know?  Unimportant?   But is it?   This is only a partial list of my thoughts there are another 20 on another page!
I know I have to stay focused.  Priorities!!!
Love Ramona xox