I know a lot of you have already seen somewhat of a change in me from the first episode  that aired last week.  I have decided that I am going to try to write weekly .   Not only do I find it helpful for myself but I really do think that once you all get to know me better then you can all learn a bit more about me in a candid sort of way.  Just remember, I am not a “real”blogger, or “editor” my grammar isn’t always perfect so I hope you don’t find flaws.    As far as my spelling, thank goodness for spell check, that should help.  But I really think if I write from my heart and my head on things that are also currently happening, then you will truly get to know me!

As the past year has evolved so have I.  I have been doing a lot of soul searching.   My divorce as you all know is final and now I am diving into the realization that I am single.   Its exciting and scary all at the same time   Sometimes I am flooded with thoughts of what I think should be and what shouldn’t be.  You see I really am a very traditional type of girl.   I love the idea of family, traditions, and even a white picket fence.   So now I face a different type of challenge.   Dating!!!  Wow, what an experience.   I ask myself always what do I want in a man now?   What will my relationship next be like?  Where will I meet him? Who will he be?  Will Avery approve?

So many thoughts and questions.   So just like most of you , I will be a work in progress on that front.  It shall be an interesting ride.  I hope you all come and take the ride with me, through it.