As the holidays are drawing to a close, I have had time to sit and reflect how the past few weeks have made me feel.   Holidays can either make or break your mood.  I know that the past several years not having my parents around and most recently not being married has been a whirlwind in my life.   But when I sit back and reflect on the positive parts of what is happening in my life I realize how lucky I am that I have such a strong group of great friends.   Friends who have taken me under their wing and made me part of their inner family circle during these holidays.  Both Avery and I are blessed to have them in our lives.   Sometimes you don’t even realize what is happening.  Sometimes life just passes so quickly that you don’t have time to reflect on all these wonderful moments that you have.   As I left New York yesterday to go to London and Paris and spend the next 10 days alone with Avery I cried.  Yes, happy tears, tears of joy and appreciation to the life I have.  To the opportunities that I have.   To the relationship with Avery.  I want to pinch myself.  I never dreamed that with all the turns and bumps and hard times that when I truly reflect I am one lucky lady.  I truly hope that everyone can dig deep and find what is important to them.  Appreciate it all.  Its not about how big something is its about the quality you have in every relationship you have.  Embrace it, love it and enjoy.     

Happy and Healthy New Year!

Let’s all have a wonderful 2017