TRIP 2017

“Life Is Short, Buy The Shoes , Eat The Cake! “

My mantra for the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. So the decision was made! I took the trip and what a trip of a lifetime it was.

I asked Avery this year where she wanted to go on vacation. We usually either going skiing or to the Caribbean.  The biggest change this year? It was just going to be Avery and I.

“Mom, I would love to go to London and Paris,” she said.

“Really?” I thought at first. It’s two cities and yes, they are great, but it’s cold out there and I am not skiing. Instead, I’ll be walking and being the ultimate tourist.

Ultimately, I left the final decision up to Avery and let her plan the entire trip.   I was so impressed! My wonderful daughter was so organized.  She researched, she booked the places, she booked the tours, the sites, almost everything down to the minute.

I have been to both London and Paris in the past, but never have I had this experience. Seeing this with Avery gave me such wonderful joy. Bonding with Avery as two adults both as mother and daughter and even as best friends.   I am so grateful to have this time with her. We were able to share so many experiences with each other. It gave me the opportunity to talk to her about dating prior to meeting her father. From college onward. She found it so eye opening. She shared with me about her expectations of her life as she enters into her future. I thought turning 21 was life changing for her, but graduating college this coming May 2017 is really life altering. Entering the real world as they say. Not as a student anymore but as an adult. Starting her career and focusing on so many different things. We talked about friendships and how different they are today versus how they were when I was her age.

Being able to spend this time and learn so much about each other, 24/7 for 8 days! Wow! And not even a singe argument! Can you imagine? Mothers and daughters always have spats!   We survived.

One of the days in London was a 9-5 bus tour. It really was till 7 pm, but she didn’t want to tell me as she thought I wouldn’t last.  But truth be told…aching feet, cold, sometimes damp could not keep me away from that day.   It was a jam packed day seeing Parliament, London Tower, Crown Jewels, Buckingham Palace, a river rides on the River Thames with a final destination of the London Eye with the most spectacular views.

Paris was spectacular. We stayed at the George V hotel.   So amazingly beautiful. I actually wished I could speak fluid French.   But we got by. Took a lot of Ubers! Shopping was great – love the shoes and love her style. Everything she tried on looked great on her!

We spent the day at Versailles, we both decided we want to go back there in the Spring when all the flowers and gardens are in full bloom. There was a fabulous art exhibit at the Louis Vuitton Foundation. We saw the largest private collection of iconic modern artists the likes of Matisse, Picasso, Monet, Gaugin, Van Gogh and many more!!!

What amazed me about Avery is how she now has a love and appreciation for art.

We shared coats, we did beauty masks and exchanged ideas.

I learned that Avery is a take charge, accomplished, polite young women I couldn’t be happier.

The last night of our trip Avery said to me, “Mom not only are you my mother but you really are my best friend” ……………….