Well,  as fall has sort of come into full swing, minus the few days of Indian Summer.  I am multi tasking and doing lots of things.   I do ask myself all the time, when is it the right time?  When do  I ask those important questions in a relationship?  I think I came up with my own answers by going through the process of DATING, and oh what a process it is.   I have come to the conclusions that if I go out with the same guy at least 3 times, then the 4th date can become more meanful in many ways.  Not that I am going to bombard him with questions, but I know that I can stir up a conversation , peak an interest? See if we are on the same page.
 Its so important that my priorities are handled correctly.  I learned a long time ago that it takes a long time to get to know someone!   Possibly my old ways have determined my fate, if I didn’t have that experience than what would determine my future.  If my marriage didn’t change direction then I wouldn’t be where I am today. Maybe I would have been the one to leave , Fate plays such a strong role in everyday.   I wouldn’t have learned how to fall in love, and fall out of love.
The one constant is that life is forever changing.  Now I just need to work on that merry go round and learn how to stay on.