The past week as most of you already know I have been in New Zealand for the launch of Bravo TV New Zealand. Oh what a trip its been. I have experienced both the beauty of the land and the people here. It has given me time to reflect as we approach Mothers Day.  Right now being so far away from Avery is so hard , the time difference being 16 hours ahead and just the actual distance. It has made me realize even more how wonderful and lucky I am to be a mother. I know that traditionally we always celebrate our mothers so as daughters or sons we can show the appreciation we have towards them. This year I want to treasure the fact that I am the lucky one. Maybe the distance currently has caused this way of thinking, maybe being sentimental on the fact that Avery has just turned 21, or maybe just the everyday ups and downs of life.   There are days that I do miss my mother and wish she was here for me to share both the happiness and sadness because isn’t that what children do? But today I want to share my gratitude towards my daughter. I know that in life every day is a gift . I have the gift of life and was able to give the gift of life to my amazing daughter Avery.