I have been doing a lot of self reflection lately, and as always, I read and value what my followers say. I love all the positive feedback but truth be told, I am a regular person too!! The past few years have been hard for me. So naturally for anybody, you sometimes lose yourself in these situations. But I try so hard to remain confident.

So when I sat down and really thought about it, I decided that I would share how I try my hardest to follow these guidelines.


  1. I try to stop comparing myself to others in any situation. If you compare yourself, you can not be true to who you are. That alone puts stress on yourself in the self-esteem area.

  1. Look at your own insecurities (we all have them) and almost use it to your advantage. If you know what they are and admit them, it becomes easier to deal with. You may be stronger in the work place and then at home be a different person. Or the other way around. But once you recognize these facts you can ask yourself how can I do better? Do I need to communicate more? How can I become better at these situations?


  2. Caring and worrying about other people’s opinions! Well, that’s a good one especially for me in the public eye. Of course I want to be liked and I do care! But being confident that you try your hardest and your intent is honest then simply try to treat everyone the same way you expect to be treated. Remember, they leave room for error because you can always better yourself. Everyday is a learning experience.


  3. I have learned that confidence is more of an action not an outcome. The first step in changing is becoming aware.  Almost like training your brain to feel confident.

Ramona Singer Exercising

These are just some things that I have done for myself over the past year. Its challenging and we all face challenges daily.

I truly believe that at this point I do love looking good, eating healthy, being fit, and training my brain to behave in a confident way!