Now you all know I love my protein, but sometimes I struggle with getting enough in day to day. Protein is key for maintaining muscle mass, strength, and repairing tissues. So making sure you’re getting the recommended amount of protein for the day is very important! Check out the list below of my favorite protein sources:

  • Eggs – eggs are great because you can use them in so many ways! I love omelettes with lots of spinach, tomatoes and a little cheese. Poached or scrambled eggs are great on some whole wheat toast for breakfast, or you can top your salads with a hard boiled egg for lunch!
  • Chicken – this is one of my go-to’s when it comes to dinner. Grilled chicken in particular is my favorite and you can dress it up any way you like! Cooking it with fresh herbs and spices as opposed to lots of salt is a great option as well as baking it in olive oil instead of frying.
  • Nuts – nuts are loaded with vitamins and are a great protein source for snacks and for topping your salads or yogurt!
  • Greek yogurt – I love having greek yogurt in the morning with granola and berries. If you want to add in even more protein you can top it with almonds!
  • Cottage cheese – this is so great as a snack with some fruit and whole wheat crackers. You can get in your salty-sweet fix and get your protein at the same time!
  • Fish – there is nothing better than fresh grilled fish. I like to do variations of teriyaki salmon, lemon pepper tilapia and blackened mahi mahi.
  • Tofu – for those of you who are vegetarian or don’t like meat, tofu is a great option! It’s low in fat and will take on any of the flavors you choose to use.
  • Milk – milk contains almost every nutrient needed by the human body, so milk is an awesome source of vitamins and minerals as well as protein! Not a milk fan? You can still get in your protein with soy, almond, or cashew milk!
  • Lean beef – while I am not much of a beef eater, it can be great from time to time and is a great protein source!
  • Oats – oats are one of the healthiest grains for your body and they are loaded with protein to keep you full long until lunch! I love to top mine with banana and peanut butter for even more protein!

So there you have it, my list of my favorite choices for protein. Aim to get in about 46 grams (for women) and 56 grams (for men) a day! I promise your body will thank you!