[Written in collaboration with Courtney Dec]


Being a woman, your purse is your biggest asset. You pack everything you need for your entire day into one little (or not so little) bag. I have put together a list of things that you need to keep in your bag no matter what so they are never forgotten!

Breath mints and dental floss
You never know when you are going to run into someone and need your breath smelling fresh and the older we get, the more food gets stuck in our teeth, yikes!

Especially with it being hot in the summer, who knows how long your “24 hour coverage” is actually going to last.

Mirror and touch-up makeup
Every woman knows that you need to re-apply at least once a day, and how do you do that without a mirror?

Phone Charger
You do not want your phone to die while you are already bored and stuck in traffic, do you?

It is just too unpredictable when it is going to be scorching hot to the point you need to get all your hair off the back of your neck!

Sun Block
So many people forget sunblock! Everyone asks me how my skin is still so nice, it is because I ALWAYS have my sunblock; you never know when you may need it!